Dayla Turns 4 Months Old Today!

It has been so fun watching Dayla grow these past 4 months and I can’t wait to see how she will continue to grow into a little girl. Below are the comparison pictures from the past 4 months, but first:
Some new feats since month 3…

  • Making eye contact with you and smiling.
  • Laughing…not just when you are extra silly, but the other morning Daniel and I heard her laughing in her crib all by herself.
  • Rolling like a roley-poley. She can roll from her stomach to her back and her back to her stomach. Although I have noticed that she can only roll to the right. Hmm…
  • Grabbing items and holding on for dear life.
  • Not only pushing herself up when she is on her stomach, but can look all around when she’s there.
  • Putting everything in her mouth
  • Drooling even more! If I put her in her Bumbo chair, there will literally be a pool of drool about 1/2 inch deep to the side of it in about 3 minutes! (she leans to the right in her chair too).

One Month

Two Months (look hard, see I’m a little longer!)

Three Months (a little chubbier…)

Four Months (now I am even longer and I can roll!)

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