Dayla Chatter Continues…And Another (RARE) Ponytail!

[Another thing I want to right down, mostly just so I remember.  It melts my heart every day, and who knows who long it will continue.]

We play a little game, Dayla and I, where we “argue” who loves who more.  It is a bit reflective of that story with the bunnies Guess How Much I Love You, but to me even more special  to me since we have our own little version. =)

I start by saying, “Dayla I love you SO much” and she will respond with “NO, I love YOU so much!”  Then I say, “But I love you THE MOST” and she responds, “NO I love YOU the most!” Sometimes it will end with her being quite firm until I concede and tell her that she does indeed love me more than I love her.

In recent times I decided to switch it up a bit, so I started saying “I love you MORE THAN….” and then filling in the blank.  I usually say something like “I love you more than there are stars in the sky”, but with her toddler brain when she responds back to me, sometimes some of the words get missed. It cracks me up because she will say things like: “Mama, I love you more than a whale” “the sky” “the stars” “the ocean”.  It doesn’t always makes sense, but the love is there.
Speaking of love…..I love when this little girl puts her hair up.  I never force it, I let it be her choice, but to me that makes it all the more special and beautiful when she does.  The other day, for no particular reason, she asks for a ponytail and a flower in her hair “like Mom does”.  I jumped up from my seat!  AND, as you might guess, anytime this rare occurance happens, I always ask to take a picture.  Pictures are not always welcome here (as we take a LOT, so we probably wear this little girl out!) but on Monday, she not only “let me take a picture” she actually played with me and interacted with the camera!!!  This is a photographer mama’s dream.   She has never really done this before, and I was EATING IT UP.

Oh, how I love this little girl.

2 thoughts on “Dayla Chatter Continues…And Another (RARE) Ponytail!”

  1. Great photos! Such a sweetie. “I love you more than the whale, the sky, the stars, the ocean.” Melts my heart to read that.

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