Baby Names

I was sitting in church on Sunday and our pastor was discussing a verse in 1 Chronicles. After reading the verse in my bible I wandered back to the first chapter of the book. How is awesome is the bible for baby naming? I’m not talking about Matthew, Mark, Luke John, Daniel, or any of the other popular names. I’m talking about the really bizarre names that sound like bosses in World of Warcraft.
Here are my Top 8 favorite baby names taken from 1 Chronicles Chapter 1:

  1. Ham
  2. Magog
  3. Ashkenaz
  4. Arphaxad
  5. Uz
  6. Hazarmaveth
  7. Zibeon
  8. Aiah

6 thoughts on “Baby Names”

  1. If you go biblical I would go with Jehoshaphat. It even has the cool Hip-hop spelling of fat with the ph. Your baby will be destined to be a rapper.

  2. I’m thinking Jedediah. That’s a sweet name for a boy. And Shaneequa for a girl. I’m just sad I didn’t think of that sooner or Jenna might be named something else. haha.

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