Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

This last week was rough due to a persistant stomach flu….but Dayla’s first Christmas was a lot of fun. We can’t fly by the holiday without posting some pictures! Christmas Eve was spent appreciating the fact that we don’t have a “White Christmas” in southern California. Dayla went in the pool for the first time. After about 10 minutes she figured out how to splash. Due to the fact that she was only splashing herself, she both loved and hated this experience. Christmas Day felt less eventful since after about 10 minutes Dayla was ready for her nap. Oh well. We did snap a couple pics though…
Pool Time

Dayla and her only Great Grandparent…Grandma Sundin

James loves his first gift!

Dayla gets a pair of pink converse! yum….

“Present opening pooped me out.”

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