Dayla and Haley

The 2007 list of Top 100 baby names is out. I never cared about this information before but it becomes intensely interesting since I recently had to name someone. Dayla is nowhere on the list but there are 5 names in the top 10 that end in the letter A: Sophia (1), Isabella (2), Emma (3), Ava (5), and Olivia (10). In the top 100 there are also some very similar names: a Makayla (33), Kayla (39), and Layla (40). It looks like Dayla is going to have to deal with a name that is different, but not that different.
Dayla’s friend Haley is on the top 100 list too but with a different spelling (Hailey).
We learned recently that our good friends Justin, Beth, and Haley are moving to Austria at the end of next month. Dayla wants to get as much Haley time in as possible before then so we watched the Charger game at their house yesterday. Here are a few pictures from that day.

I love eating my dress

Haley has WAY cooler toys than I do

Hmmm… I think I can take these buttons off

Hmmm… I think I can take Haley’s face off

6 thoughts on “Dayla and Haley”

  1. She sure gets some interesting expressions — are they learning to communicate visually? What a wonderful age! They change every day.
    Love Aunt Pat

  2. Bailey made #60 on the top 100 names and her middle name Taylor is #36. I think that’s funny that her middle name is more popular than her first name! Love reading your blog! Take care! -Kanika.

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