Our Backyard Shenanigans: Making a Backyard

There are many Saturdays I laugh at us. We are just eating up this whole “having our own house” thing. Most of my laughing fits are brought on by how we have fallen right into the stereotype “man” and “wife” since having a house. I find myself baking up a storm many days out of the week, and each Saturday as Dayla and I spend our time in the kitchen, you can find Daniel in the backyard either hauling or building something. The other day he decided he wanted to try a wood working project so he built this amazing little picnic bench for Dayla! It is SO cute and I am so proud of my man’s handy work!

I think Daniel was proud of himself too….

But of course the best part is that Dayla was so thankful…

Having a new house means that we are getting to experience a lot of fun new things. Some of them being INCREDIBLY time consuming, but still everything has brought us such joy. Even the hard labor of hauling and building and cleaning we are both finding such joy in, proud to say that it is for “our house”. What a incredible blessing this house is to us!

As much as a blessing this house is, I will share that one of our most under-estimated tasks for our new house is making a yard.  It is hard work, expensive, tedious, and time consuming!

The yard has been a bit of a project. I love that we have a “clean slate” to do whatever we want with, being that this house was sitting here for 2 years so everything pretty much died, but it is also really daunting.  We both have so many ideas and absolutely NO experience in landscaping.  I wouldn’t even say that we are gardeners, and I will even go so far as to say that we have a brown thumb!  But, my parents are both amazing gardeners, Daniel’s mom loves to garden and Daniel’s aunt is a “Master Gardener”, so we are hoping maybe it runs in the family. And when it comes to us talking about the garden one thing that Daniel and I both agreed on was that we wanted a vegetable garden.

So we are setting out to give it a try. Several weeks ago we planted several seeds in cups and kept them sheltered in a sunny, warm place in our home.

The seeds sprouted up and gave us some hope!  One a Saturday Daniel built an amazing vegetable garden box and we filled it with top notch dirt from the Mira Mesa rock quarry (by the way, the guys who work there were amazingly nice! Even Daniel, who is not a chatter like I am, said how nice they were. If you ever want dirt…we highly recommend them!)

Just last weekend Daniel planted the seedlings in the vegetable box outside:

So who knows how this story will turn out…they are still just little greenery now…. but hopefully in a few months we will have some onions, broccoli, peppers and corn!

Stay tuned for more of our Backyard Shenanigans…and how our little veges turn out.

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  1. We really look forward to the day we can visit this house you are turning into a Home! Such fun! Thanks for always sharing the updates on your place and “new” life as homeowners! I hope we can share similar stories some day!

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