Goodbye to the Higgins’ Family

Our good friends Beth, Justin, and Haley Higgins are moving to Austria in a few weeks to do missionary work. They have been an integral part of our Young Marrieds bible study as well as close friends and we are really going to miss them. Thanks to the the miracle of blogs, Skype, and cheap international air travel this won’t be goodbye forever.
As a farewell, there was a “Goodbye Higgins’ Family” get together on Saturday. Here are a few pictures I took of the couples (and babies) you have seen in this blog over the last year.
Beth, Justin, and Baby Haley

Ben, Juli, and Baby Eleanor

Jeff, Kristy, and Baby Tabitha

Julie, Rob, and Baby Kaitlin

Michelle, Glen, and mini-Glen… I mean Ethan


At the insistence of the girls, we also took a “baby legs” picture. As you may have seen in other pictures here, baby legs are those 80’s-style legwarmers you put on babies (for some reason).

If you would like to see all the pictures click on the link below.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Higgins’ Family”

  1. I picked out Dayla’s long, striped legs right away! (Yay for me) She is looking more and more like Daddy. So cute! Thanks again for sharing great pics.

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