Slowing Down

The pile of unread emails became unmanageable, the phone calls un-returned became vast, and my poor little Dayla started to reflect my stress level.  So this last week, just at the height of my busiest business season, I knew it was time to do something I barely know how to do, something that I am not sure has been in my vocabulary for years, something that I treasure in my husband as he has truly taught me the meaning of it: slow down.

I love going at the speed of light. I love running on stress. I love productivity like it is a drug.  I love getting my inbox empty. But sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to email and call everyone back. And sometimes you realize that all the “enrichment activities” for your child are no longer enriching, and the helping others is at the expense of being there for your own. That speed and stress and productivity don’t hug me at the end of the day like the arms of a 3 year old or an amazing husband do. So I put it on the top of my priority list, and yep, I even got to check it off: slow down.

Last week consisted of nothing but arts and crafts, baking, fort building, play-doughing, painting, coloring, game playing, reading, and vast amounts of snuggling. And it was the best week in the world.

Because my dear husband says a post isn’t a post without pictures, I will show some of the things that look a little different around our house.

Our fridge is full of arts and crafts:
Front of Fridge

Dayla and I actually MADE our Halloween decorations, something I haven’t done since being a teenager.

Towel/sheet ghosts and pipe cleaner spiders made our holiday feel perfectly special!

And that is some of the fruits of our slow week, the visual ones anyway.

It is hard to take a picture of the things that really made it worth while to me: the additional smiles from Dayla, the hugging arms, the laughing, the joy, and the love and peace that filled our sweet home; the memories being made.

It was definitely worth not being able to check anything off my list.

3 thoughts on “Slowing Down”

  1. If it helps, put down all the things you did last week then check them off your list. Baking, check. Fort building, check. You get my point 🙂 Thanks for sharing your week. Looks like you had a great time with Dayla. Your halloween crafts look fun.

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