Halloween and Trick or Treating Fun

Trick or Treating with Dayla this year was probably one of my favorite parent moments to date.  Being in a neighborhood, watching the hundreds of kids run door to door in costume, seeing neighbors come out dressed in costumes with candy in hand for the kids, the decorations, the  “haunted house” and the fast filling candy bag….all completely DELIGHTED ME!  And of COURSE, watching Dayla completely go crazy with joy,  running at top speed to each door, shouting “come one guys” to her friends, her shy self being forgotten for the night as she shouted “trick or treat” and “mama, look what I got!” and “thank you!” all without any parent-prompting.

I hope I remember how fun this was forever!!  Just look at this group that we went out with:

You may recognize in our group Tabitha and Charlotte, but this is the debut of our NEW NEIGHBORS on our blog!

We are so overjoyed to have Adam (2 years old) and Mya (4 years old) as our neighbors just a couple houses down!  It was such a blast (and a bit chaotic) to have 6 kids all running wild for trick or treat….

(Left to right: Adam as a pirate, Charlotte as a ladybug, Mya as Cinderella, Tabitha as Belle, Dayla as a ballerina princess)

And of course we can’t have a Halloween blog post without sharing a picture from the annual Halloween party at the Fresiens.  Here is our (ever growing) group this year:

And for tradition sake, we are still trying to capture every year the group of girls growing up together.

The girls in 2008:

(Ellie, Kaitlyn, Tabitha, Dayla)

Now look like this in 2010:

(Dayla, Kaitlyn, Tabitha, Ellie)

(and the honorary Lucy is up in the corner)

Hope your Halloween was fun!

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