Is 6 months here already?

Can’t believe that she is already a half of a year! I know everyone tells you it goes by fast, but you really can’t prepare yourself for it. Okay, onto the good stuff.
New stuff Miss Dayla can do:

  • She not only holds the bottle by herself, but can take it out of her mouth, check how much is left and then puts it back. This is pretty funny to watch. Sometimes, if I leave a burp cloth next to her, she will even put down the bottle and then grab the cloth to chew on (thus wiping her face!). She is very self sufficient already!
  • Scoots herself to the nearest toy. She is not crawling yet, but she definitely can get around!
  • She just started to eat solid foods! The first week was not actually eating it (as I am sure most of you know) but now she is on a roll. So far, she likes bananas, sweet potato, and oatmeal. She is not sure how she feels about peaches yet. Tart I think. Her eyes got really wide and her mouth puckered up. Lastly, much to her parent’s surprise, she hates avocado!
  • Has mastered pulling off her socks and shoes. I am bummed cause I have a cute selection of shoes she just started fitting, but they only lasted about a week before they started to come off.
  • Can say a very audible “ba”. If you say it back she will even hold a whole conversation with you…but the only word exchanged will be “ba”.
  • Got two teeth! (in center bottom)

  • Other people and being outdoors. Social butterfly already.
  • Peek a Boo
  • Any toy that squeaks ( I have contemplated using our PETCO discount to get her dog toys).
  • Her toy train and light table thingy (they both make a lot of noise)
  • Putting everything in her mouth…even things that are much too large to fit.
  • Baby Neptune DVD (a lifesaver on the teething days when she is otherwise inconsolable)

  • Avocado
  • Her plug/binky/pacifier…whatever you call it, she is over it.
  • Being on her back (unless she is eating)
  • Being in one place too long. Again, social butterfly.
    One Month (One you haven’t seen yet! Check out how different she is vs. now.)

    6 Months

8 thoughts on “Is 6 months here already?”

  1. small dog toys would be perfect for her! my children love the stuff animal sqeeky toys because it fits into their mouths and they are very small 3.5 lbs. ask dm to check out my pics on myspace

  2. Dayla looks so big! Has she doubled in size since we left a week ago?? I think she is looking so much like Daniel! I’m surprised about the avocado, I thought that would be in her blood 🙂 Haley really misses her friend! Love you guys!

  3. Hey Ginette. How are you? It’s your former college roomie Anne. I love seeing your updates (Nina gave me the info of course). Hopefully I can join you in the mommy club soon. 🙂 You have a beautiful family!

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