New Tricks

Recently there have been a couple fun new tricks that Dayla does.
#1. She, just in the last few days, can sit up like a pro. Daniel even attempts to push her to the side ( a loving gentle way) and she still sits up like a champ.
#2. Also, she has just figured out that if she blows out while eating she makes a funny noise. As you can probably imagine, blowing out while I am trying to put food in her mouth does not make for a clean baby, or a clean mommy. I can’t help but laugh when she does it though, and I am sure that probably doesn’t help.
#3. My favorite by far is that she likes to use her feet to help her hold her bottle. Monkey baby! It really is too funny.

#1 Sitting Up

#2 Food Everywhere

#3 Monkey Baby

6 thoughts on “New Tricks”

  1. Oh my gosh, the monkey baby is so cute! I don’t think Haley could do that if she wanted to 🙂 Love the pic of her sitting up too! You guys are such good photographers

  2. okay now that is awesome! thats making full use of all available extremities. those pictures are something to keep for the 8th grade graduation slide show!

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