It’s been a nice couple of days here in San Diego. Except for rain late last night the sun has been out and so have we. After work Thursday we took Dayla down to the pool. She loves being carried around in the water and will splash nonstop. I don’t think she likes getting her face wet but she doesn’t understand she is doing it to herself.
On Saturday we went out to the La Jolla Cliffs near UCSD. This is the spot I proposed to Ginette. The blooming yellow flowers and puffy clouds made for some great pictures.

At the Pool 1

At the Pool 2

La Jolla Cliffs 2

La Jolla Cliffs 1

Baby Backpack

6 thoughts on “Outside”

  1. AWESOME pics! I was actually thinking of G today because she was always so fond of the sun and I always wanted some clouds. Well, it’s been gray pretty much since we came and I am really dying for some sun! The girls look great!! Love you guys

  2. These are great pics. You guys always have a good eye.
    Sorry, but I have to tag 5 people and I really only watch about 5 blogs, and you’re one of them. See my latest entry for details.

  3. So great to see two parents really enjoying their baby day by day. I remember those days with much nostalgia. They were my very favorites. Thanks for remembering us. Love, Aunt Pat

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