7 months is here and gone….

19 days ago, we were on the 19th of March celebrating Dayla being 7 months old! I don’t know how posting this one slipped by me, but don’t you worry, we didn’t forget to take a 7 month old picture. If you look closely we payed a little tribute to the fact that we were in Texas on the 19th of last month. And of course since it was the month of Easter, we took it in Dayla’s beautiful Easter dress (courtesy of my sis Danielle)
The best part of Dayla’s 7th month was that I was able to be home with her and enjoy her everyday. We have been on lots of adventures together (see below for more pictures) which is not only so fun, but has really felt like a huge blessing from God that we are able to do it.
New 7 month tricks:

  • Top front tooth breaking in after two very painful little nights. That makes 2.5 teeth!
  • Lots of “talking”, ba ba, da da, and our new favorite…moving her tongue in and out of her mouth like she is sticking out her tongue at you and then taking it back (sounds like blahalala)
  • Sitting up very sturdy, rocking the body…but no crawling yet
  • Scooting herself around like a champ on her play mat, pulling out her basket of toys from under the coffee table then pulling out each toy and tasting them one by one. Very amusing!
  • When we are playing on the floor, she will sometimes lean over, grab my pants and pull herself almost into my lap. I take this as a sign to cuddle with Mom and read a book.
  • Splashing in the pool! Dayla has been to the pool several times now and loves it and seems to love and splash in her bath more and more too.
    And onto the pictures:

    7 Months in Easter best

    Playing with friend Kalilah (Her mom and I worked together at Starbucks! The girls are 1 month apart)

    Loving the bath

    James and Dayla on the swings

    “Check out our CSA box!”

  • 7 thoughts on “7 months is here and gone….”

    1. Dayla looks so pretty in that Easter dress. Now, there’s a pic of ALL the little Senasac girls in that dress. Too cute. Love all her smiles too. She seems so happy. Good job!

    2. Yeah!! I love all the pics – but of course I have a special attachment to the easter dress picture!! Dayla is so Pretty!

    3. totally luv the two in the swings! that is an awesome expression on Dayla’s face. glad she is starting right with all her veggies! Nice

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