8 is Great!

These months are still just flying by…and each one seems to get better and better! 8 months hasn’t brought too many changes, but the changes it has brought are fun. Mostly Dayla is just seeming more and more like a person than a baby. She is “talking” all the time, she can now very successfully do the “army crawl” getting from one side of her blanket to the other, and she has just started eating a whole new variety of foods. Some of the new foods she has enjoyed include: cottage cheese, yogurt, blueberries, pork, rice, zucchini, summer squash, cheerios (see last post) and crackers. It is such a blast to try feeding her off our plates and seeing what items get the lean over (for more) and what items come right back out accompanying a disgusted face. Her 8 month picture shows her with some strange vegetables because this month the whole family have been trying lots of new vegetables for the first time. (We mentioned a CSA box in previous posts…this is a box of yummy vegetables we are getting from a local farm. We are doing it mostly to force ourselves to try some fun new foods!)

Dayla at 8 Months!

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  1. Love your stories and pics. I feel as though we’re closer to your lives. Can’t believe she’s already 8mos and we’ve yet to actually meet her for the 1st time.

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