Nana and Grandpa Visit

Last week my parents did their annual trip to San Diego and as usual it was a lot of fun. The best part of course was seeing them enjoy Dayla almost as much as I do, but since I really am the only person who can just stare at Dayla all day, we found some adventures too. The best adventure was going to the Maritime Museum in downtown San Diego. I had never been there before so it was very interesting. The highlight of the museum was definitely being able to go on an old Russian submarine (B-39). MAN, those things are very tight. Beware if you are claustrophobic. Here are my favorite pictures from the adventure.

“Ready for Museums in my backpack.”

Dayla has to lean around dad to see where she is going. She does this the whole time. It is pretty funny.

Nana and her sister (my aunt Louise) reliving memories of riding “ferries like this one” in San Francisco

Family Portrait

Submarine here we come!

Man this door is small.

Daniel barely fits inside the submarine.

Holy Moley, that is a lot of dials.

Dayla wants to drive.

There she is.

8 thoughts on “Nana and Grandpa Visit”

  1. That one of Dayla looking past Daniel’s shoulder to “see where she’s going” is priceless!!!

  2. That submarine looked so compact. How cute to see Dayla peeking around Daniel to check things out. It looks like everybody had fun that day.

  3. I’ve been in that sub…you are correct. It is so small. All those sailors must be tiny people! Dayla is just about the right size. tee hee. Looks like a fun day!

  4. I know you two- you’re all clever with the online postings and whatnot. I think, without any doubt, your “family portrait” must, MUST be able to win you some something somewhere. I don’t even know where, but you do. Send it to Cannon! Send it around the world.
    I have loved few things more than that photo in my lifetime.
    Thanks for sharing the fun.
    P.S. Where’s Grandpa?

  5. I agree with Kate – that family portrait is a winner. Also gotta shadow Haley and say that Dayla is definately a hat girl and those shoes are GREAT!

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