Christmas Carols

We recently went through the Hearing Everett small group study with our Young Families group at church. The study focuses on service so our group has been looking for service projects where we could include our young children.

Last Sunday we went to Brighton Place nursing home to sing Christmas carols to everyone staying there. We went room to room and sang a song to every person there. Only about half the people seemed to be aware of what was happening but we got lots of smiles.

Let’s be honest, the kids got all the smiles. Here are a few pictures.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Carols”

  1. Nice idea!!! I’m betting that Daniel wrote this one. There isn’t a single all caps word in the whole post! 🙂 Hey, I’m a big all caps person myself…just noticing.

  2. You’re right that I wrote this one Christine. I’m very spare with my words. You can actually see the author of each post below the title. We’re pretty good about tag teaming this blog.

  3. HEY! I just happen to think caps is a perfect way to EMPHASIZE my over-enthusiasm. I heard someone say once that women like superlatives a lot more than men, I think it is true…I like to exaggerate with caps like THIS! 😉

  4. that was lovely. i’ve been doing more this year too, we collect cans for the food bank at the restaurant offering free food in return. I didn’t get to see a big pic of dayla though

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