Whittier Weekend

Here are a few pictures from our trip up to Whittier this weekend. We were able to stay longer than normal since I had some work to do in L.A. on Thursday and Friday.

Dayla liked to chew on the mint my Mom is growing in her backyard.

James loves sitting with Dayla. Notice his arm wrapped around her while they watched Sesame Street together. Sometimes James tries to sit in Dayla’s lap which doesn’t work too well.

On Thursday night we went to Uptown Whittier for the weekly family farmer’s market. My Dad insisted on walking around with Dayla stuffed in the front of his jacket. She didn’t mind one bit and enjoyed all the strangers complimenting her Grandpa on his cute “grandson.”

4 thoughts on “Whittier Weekend”

  1. Since when does your dad have a striking resemblance to Jean-Claude van Damme? I think you should bring him everywhere, just to intimidate people. Although the sweet baby cheeks peeking out of his stomach take a bit away from the fear he could otherwise instill…

  2. People always seem to think that bald babies are boys–guess you just have to put up with it till the hair grows in. Aunt Pat

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