Dayla Doesn’t Care

Dayla rides her bike in the rain, traverses dangerous footpaths, leaps off dirt mountain, sits on her vegetable bed and acts all emo… all while wearing inside out pants. And she doesn’t care what you think.

7 thoughts on “Dayla Doesn’t Care”

  1. I love this sort of “day in the life” post. She’s so cute (not that she cares). And I’m willing to bet that the pants are more comfortable inside out anyway.

  2. Thanks Suzanne. I’m also a fan of these style of posts. I wish more people did them. Birthdays and holidays are great but they don’t define our lives.

  3. That’s our Dayla! Plus you forgot to mention she’s barefoot and not wearing a jacket even though it’s raining outside. Does she ever get cold?

  4. Ha ha. That’s true Mom. I didn’t even think to mention that because it’s just a regular occurrence. Once when we were in the snow and it was well below freezing she did request a jacket.

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