Can 9 Months Stay Forever?

Many people have told me that 8-11 months is the best age for babies. I have to say, I am on board so far. Dayla is turning 9 months this month, and this last month has been an absolute blast. Dayla has lots of new tricks and the best part is that she is loving her new tricks just as much as I am. She will do something new (like pull herself up) and then smile or laugh at herself in a proud fashion. She is also much happier now that she is on the move.
All her new tricks in a pictorial fashion for your viewing pleasure:

They are no longer for sucking. Dayla can now fit the entire pacifier in her mouth! (yes, it went even further in then this picture shows…)

“I can pull myself up!”

“…and I can stand on my own.”

“I can get myself in sitting position with no help!
I have also decided lying down while drinking is only for wimps.”

“…and I can crawl!” (sort of) Check out the video:

5 thoughts on “Can 9 Months Stay Forever?”

  1. That Dayla is one cutie pie for sure! I agree, babies are so much happier when they can do stuff … grab their toys, crawl, stand up, make Mom & Dad laugh …

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