More New Tricks…

On her 9 month post we showed you some “new tricks” that Dayla is doing and I realized that I forgot to include some! She sure is on the move and doing so much new stuff it is hard to keep track! She is also crawling on all fours (the “real” crawl) since the last post which is a lot of fun and means she is getting into even more trouble everyday. Here are some of the other fun things she is doing:

growing some hair!

getting into some funny spots (now that she is crawling about we find her in all sorts of strange positions and locations)

being a ghost! (found her this way when we walked into her room. it was awesome.)

swimming in her new lady bug! (really just an excuse to show this cute picture)

5 thoughts on “More New Tricks…”

  1. She’s a cute little lady bug, herself. What a doll. This is such a fun age and I’m so glad you’re enjoying every precious moment of it. Thanks for updating us on the fun stuff in your world.

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