Dayla and Friends

For some reason these last couple weeks I have been doing a lot of babysitting. I am not sure if it God’s way of re-assuring me that I can handle 2 kids or something, but I have sure been enjoying the challenge a lot! The best part is that Dayla really enjoys it too. It is amazing to see that she has a heart for others so much already. When I am holding the other baby she hasn’t yet gotten jealous. Even if I bounce the other baby to make them laugh she will laugh too just watching them have fun. (WARNING…unrestricted mother love ahead) In case you were doubting it before…I really am blessed with an awesome baby. Yes, I know that every mom thinks that about their own child, but my thoughts were confirmed after receiving an email from my friend Kristy the other day. After watching Dayla for me all afternoon one day I got this email in my box. It warmed my heart. (shared with permission)

“Just thought I’d share somethings I noticed about Dayla after spending some quality time with her yesterday:
First off, she is MUCH more laid back than my child (but who’s comparing?)
She is one of the smileliest (not a word but maybe it should be) babies I know
She is also super wiggly. Those arms never stop flailing!
Yes, huge open mouth for food. Never knew a spoon could so easily go into a baby’s mouth?
Have you been doing yoga in front of her? Because twice I caught her doing a pilates style yoga move”

I just had to share! 🙂 For more on Dayla’s day with Kristy, check out the awesome story on her blog here: JeffandKristy
Another perk of babysitting is that I get to practice my photography skills! I just love shooting pictures of these little people! (unfortunately I only got to take pictures of 3 of the 5 different kids I watched…I guess I will have to babysit more if you want to see them all).

Dayla and Tabitha

Tabitha (Kristy’s daughter)

Ysabel and Dayla (Dayla is jealous of Yssy’s hair though)


Kalilah and Dayla

“Got your nose!”

3 thoughts on “Dayla and Friends”

  1. Those are really beautiful shots! Dayla is so lucky to have such goods friends and such a talented mommy- no wonder she is such a smiley good baby:)

  2. No, I didn’t watch all 5 babies at once. I am super…but not that super! It was one per day (two if you count Dayla too!)

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