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For the last two weeks or so, every day with Dayla has been an incredible adventure (more then ever before)!! For about a week she has been crawling and pulling up with incredible ease, like she has been doing it forever. This new mobility has lead her to all sorts of new places which means new discovery of things and new activities. It has been SO fun to watch her find new “toys” (ie the toilet paper) and to learn things through trial and error (leaves don’t taste too great, but dad’s racquet ballracquet tastes fantastic). That being said, I would love to share some of these new adventures with our loving Dayla fans.
Until the end of June I will do one post per day!
HOWEVER, I am not going to send you a notification every time I post, as I do not wish any harassment lawsuits upon myself. If you are one of Dayla’s loving fans please log on daily and check out her new adventures. I hope that it will brighten your days as much as it does mine!

6 thoughts on “Post Per Day”

  1. wow everyday, what a work out for all of us! ju mong finds that orchids are yummy before mommy takes them away!

  2. you continually crack me up, in todays world we worry or atleast joke about Law suits stemmed from daily celebration posts! gotta luv it! Not…
    it brightens my day! new toys (toliet paper) eating dads racket! I enjoy hearing your excitement in Dayla’s discovery and not thinking of it as a annoyance.
    : )

  3. Dayla is adorable and I love the idea of a “Daylie” dose of Dayla;)It brightens my day and makes me feel closer!

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