Learning About Baby

When we first told Dayla about “a baby inside mommy’s tummy” it was a bit anti-climatic.  She just looked at us and said “okay” and walked away, continuing to tell stories about her toys.  We didn’t expect much more, but it was a bit strange when it actually was so anti-climatic.  The next day her friend Tabby came over and I heard her run outside and scream, non-stop telling her friend about how her mommy had a baby in her tummy and how she would have a new baby brother or baby sister.  It melted my heart.

Now she tells everyone we meet “my mommy has a baby in her tummy” and I have to say, I love hearing her announce it.  It makes it feel so much more exciting and special for some reason, coming from her mouth.  It is funny how smart this little girl is:  she is excited but seems to be fully aware that she must wait and so her excitement is appropriately reserved.

If you ask her if she wants a baby brother or sister, she will tell you with much certainty “I want two sisters”.  I have already informed her that baby’s come one at a time (for most people anyway) and that we can’t really choose…all of which she accepts with seemingly full understanding…and then she will repeat to me, reminding me what the question actually was, “yes, but I WANT two sisters”.

My favorite thing as of yet is how sweet she has been to me.  This pregnancy has brought a lot of sickness, and with that an often tired and grumpy mama, but she never ceases to take care of me.  At night when I need to lay down she rushes to bring me my favorite pillow and often brings me either one of her blankets or one of her stuffed animals “to snuggle with”.  During the day she will pat my tummy and tell me it is “really growing”.  When we snuggle at nap time or bed time she will lean in, whisper things to my stomach, give a quick nod (as though confirming that the baby heard it), then a few pats on my belly button and say goodnight.

What a blessing to be pregnant again and to give Dayla a little sibling.  God is so good!

*Thought it would be fun to include this is a picture of me 24 weeks pregnant.  On the left is with Dayla, on the right is this time with baby #2*

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  1. Ginette, beautiful blog! Sounds like God’s timing is absolutely perfect for your family! You look great! Is that the same shirt 5 years later? Just kidding!

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