Captain Drool

I know that all babies teethe and all babies drool when they teethe, however Dayla is definitely the most “slimy” of all of her baby friends. She has earned nicknames such as “the drool monster”, “slimer”, and “puddle mouth”. My favorite was when a ten(ish) year old girl from Dayla’s daycare asked if we had buckets around the house to catch Dayla’s drool. I said, “Buckets?” and she replied, “If you don’t have buckets under her chin to catch all that drool, you guys may drown!”.
So, when our good friends the Higgins gave Dayla a “captain drool” shirt before they left for their mission in Austria I couldn’t wait until she was able to fit into it! Here is Dayla sporting her shirt on, you guessed it, a particularly wet day.

5 thoughts on “Captain Drool”

  1. If Dayla is the Captain, can Eleanor be the first mate? She’s certainly been turning up the waterworks lately. Though, I still think Dayla wins hands down!

  2. That is one awesome shirt! every baby should be so lucky to sport that! She is so cute and expressive here!

  3. I am so glad that shirt fit before the drooling stopped…whenever that might be! She’s so cute and such a great expression you caught!

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