Sometimes we are just awash with gratefulness.  There can be a whole slew of things that can set this off, some good, some tragic.  Nothing significant has happened that I can think of, but for some reason today, I am overcome with gratefulness.

Maybe it was spending the weekend with Jen, a friend from 3rd grade, and being so thankful that our friendship has remained for so many years despite boys, tears, distance, marriage, children, change, and well, everything life throws at you.  Maybe it was the fact that we spent much time reminiscing about old times as we flipped through the pages of our 7th grade year book and I realized how far we have come.  Maybe it was being away from my husband and daughter and realizing how much they mean to me.  And more importantly how they make me a better version of myself.

I am blessed.

Today I am feeling and knowing the truth of that statement.

And I am beyond grateful.

Thank you God for it all.  Without you, this life would feel different.

With you life feels perfect in it’s imperfection.