The Icebreaker

This post is aimed at the non-parents out there. Parents, this won’t be anything new.
An old friend of ours had a party for his 1-year old son this last weekend. However this wasn’t your traditional kid’s birthday party. There were adult beverages being served and adult contemporary music being played on the hi-fi. Except for the birthday boy, and one other couple’s kids, all the attendees were… you guessed it… adults.
When adults are present you are generally required to have adult conversations. This, to me, is especially awkward when you don’t know anyone at the party except for the host. Basically, you have two choices for conversation.
1. How do you know [insert host name]?
I usually turn to this conversational thread first. It is generally not awkward and could potentially give you some common ground with the person you are speaking to. Unfortunately, this chat never lasts that long.
2. What do you do?
The work question. I dread this question because my job is difficult to explain to non-techies. “Intranet Manager? What’s that? Are you sure you’re not just mispronouncing Internet?” I usually fall back on explaining that I do the job that the guy in Office Space who was interviewed by the “Bobs” got fired for. “I’m a people person!”

This leads me to conversation starter #3. A super-freakin-cute baby!
3. Who cares about the party’s host or what we each do for a living. Look! A cute baby!
Dayla is the best conversation starter in the world. Most times I don’t even have to tell people my name. They just want to know her name, her sex (if she is wearing blue), and how old she is. I get to just smile proudly while Dayla steals the show and melts hearts.
Hear that you non-parents? Have a kid, avoid awkward conversations. It’s as easy as that.
In recap… what would you rather talk about?