Fall In Review

Photography takes all my time, attention, focus, and energy in the late summer and fall. It is no doubt become my busiest time of year, with more than half of my clients for the entire year in a 3 month time span (September-November). That being said, I think it is of no surprise that I have no time to blog on this family blog. However, fall had some firsts and some very fun times as a family, so I cannot let these pictures go unnoticed. I will do some of the bigger events in a post of their own (and post date them), but just for now I thought I would do a little recap of events that had less pictures.

Sebastian had his first sink bath:

Our friends Brooke and Marc tied the knot!

In September Daniel did his first Triathlon:

I celebrated my sisters on my annual sister trip:

We had some rain:

Dayla went on her first field trip…and I got to chaperon (another first!)…and it was both of our first time on a real school bus (another blog post to follow with all the pictures from that):

Sebastian learned to climb, and shortly after that learned to walk (in October, at 11 months old):

Dayla and Sebastian really start playing with each other:

And Sebastian’s first stitches (three above his right eye for taking a dive into the wooden rocking chair at 5am):

And of course, that is not even getting to all the joy and fun we had over the holidays! What a blessed life we lead. More fun to follow soon…