Life Around Here

I just love the “here and there pictures” that just seem to sum up our life around here so well.

2015-12-19 15.25.36


2015-12-19 15.26.16

2015-12-13 15.23.13

Dayla and I went to see the Nutcracker together at the Civic Center Theater downtown

2015-12-19 15.43.24

Enough rain to actually put water in our river beds!

2015-12-14 08.50.57

With rain comes creative indoor activities

2015-12-22 10.26.53

What has felt like a whole month of fevers and a lot of throw-up (traveling from kid to kid to kid)…
but with that comes lots of snuggles

2015-12-17 12.50.10

I read in our “Baby Center” tip email, “For 8 year old’s it is all about secrets and exclusive clubs.”
So just like clock work I saw Dayla and our neighbors working on this the other day….

2015-12-20 14.30.47

And that is life!

Okay Mom

August has a new phrase that is possibly my favorite ever.  He doesn’t have a lot of words yet, but this phrase sums up so much, works in so many situations, and perfectly displays his easy-going personality.


“Okay Mom”


I love it.  It goes like this:

“August, we have to go get Dayla from school now.” “Okay Mom”.

“August, can you put your shoes into the basket?” “Okay Mom”

“August, it is dinner time.” “Okay Mom”

I know my chances are slim, but I am hoping this phrase lasts forever.  😉