Keith and Alex

Keith met Alex at college group through church. She caught his eyes and his heart with her laugh, smile, and propensity to hug everyone. He asked to date her. My favorite part of the story is the next part when Alex said to Keith, “You don’t want to date me, I have a lot of baggage.” (don’t we all?)

“I want to date you and your baggage.” Keith said.

Keith wasn’t scared by Alex’s baggage. He still isn’t. He loves all of her. He trusts God and can’t wait to start a life with Alex. Alex can’t wait to start a life with Keith. And so a wedding was called to happen….and we all got together to celebrate this love the night before the wedding….

Dayla and Violet

Aunt Vickie Meets August

G.G. and James

James, Violet, and Dayla

Aunt Vickie with the cousins (minus Sebastian and Maggie)

Rehearsing for the real thing

Steve, his sister Vickie, and his mom Betty (aka G.G.)

Alex and her mom


Summer has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. It is no coincidence that I moved to the city that has the weather of that season almost all year long. But even here in San Diego, I still love actual summer the most. There is just something about warm nights and playing outside after dinner that seems to make all the stresses of life melt away.

The other day I decided to grab my camera to try to capture some of the joys of summer: the laughter…the toys strewn about by the freshly cut green grass…so many things that I love so much. I am so glad I did. The kids were not phased by the camera as they sometimes are, so these pictures are totally THEM. SOOOOO Dayla and Sebastian right now, and I love that I was able to capture it.

Just perfectly them on a perfect summer night.

My heart is so so full.






Once a week or so I try to just spend a little bit of time with only him…stare at him…soak him in. I know now how fleeting this stage is and I just want to enjoy it and hold onto it like I never wanted to before.

He just started smiling and making faces. Oh how I love the faces. It turns out the the first smiles with child #3 are just as awesome as they were with child #1.





New Wall

We have gotten to a point in our backyard where all projected projects, all visions, hopes and dreams…..all of it depends on us getting a retaining wall for the hill in our backyard.

We have felt stuck for years on this because the bids we got were between $8,000-$10,00. For a wall. It seemed so crazy to us. We considered trying to do it ourselves, but surprise surprise, we had trouble coming up with the motivation for digging a 120 ft ditch.

Our neighbor Eric owns a landscaping business and it never dawned on us to ask HIM to bid the job until he did work for our other neighbors John and Genie. He did such great work and John and Genie had nothing but good things to say about it all. So we reached out to Eric to have him bid our wall……and it came in at less than 1/2 the price of all other bids we got!

We are getting a real retaining wall!!

2014-07-01 07.10.53

2014-07-01 07.11.04

Taking out the old wall took them minutes. Digging the ditch on the other hand…well…let’s just say there were MANY MANY times during the process that Daniel and I were thankful that we didn’t attempt to do the back-breaking labor. These guys were awesome.

2014-07-01 12.42.20

2014-07-01 18.46.24

2014-07-01 18.55.25

2014-07-01 19.05.24

Two days of digging…and our blocks arrive! Can you tell that we are all excited for this wall?!

2014-07-01 19.07.40

Sebastian was fascinated by the guys and their work. He watched for a long time on the first and second day they were here. On the third day he went to get his tools to “help”. I let him join in for as long as he wasn’t in their way. I just couldn’t help but love watching him!

2014-07-02 08.03.35

Watching these guys lay block ushered in many more “thank God we didn’t do it” moments. It was no joke. 5 guys, using a level and a hammer to jimmy each and every block into the perfect place….for.every.single.block.

2014-07-02 16.54.16

And now we have our new wall!! It is AMAZING!! It is EXACTLY what we wanted!

2014-07-02 17.00.18

We are SOOO excited to get our next backyard project under way: a new chicken coop and planting fruit trees.

2014-07-03 19.22.40