Pity Party

When I say no to something he wants, he sits on the curb and refuses to make eye contact.  I am so glad he isn’t looking, because I can’t help but smile.  Cutest pity party ever.


2017-09-15 12.57.37

Our House

When we first bought this house 7 years ago I didn’t love the house paint on the outside, but it was only a couple years old so it just didn’t make financial sense to change it. I loved the red door, but just not the tone of the red (pink-ish maroon).

My logical side put painting the house on the back burner.

Now 7 years have passed. Doing cosmetic changes on a house are so hard to convince yourself to change. I mean, we don’t NEED it. The house is perfectly functional and beautiful the way it was.

However something happened this month. I don’t know what it was that put a bug in our bonnet, but Daniel and I talked about updating some things on the front of our house. Maybe because the two houses next to us are both up for sale and so we are inspired to give our house a little face-lift too? Whatever the reason we bit the bullet and went for it. We couldn’t afford to paint the whole house, but Daniel painted the eves, the front door, all the window frames, and the back doors. We got a new mailbox, new house numbers, and a new porch light. I put in some cactus plants in front flower bed.

Although none of it was needed per se, I am so glad we did it. I feel like the outside of our house finally looks like US. It is ours. It is our style…it is so us. I love it. No I LOVE IT. So so much. Every time I pull into the driveway I get a huge smile on my face…it just feels like “our home” in a way it never quite did before.

Step one: painting garage door
Step two: new plants
Step three: painting eves and trim
Step four: painting front door
Step five: new mailbox, new numbers, and new porch light.

2017-07-29 07.38.07

2017-08-18 18.14.08

2017-08-20 13.45.11

2017-08-20 13.45.23

2017-08-26 12.03.05-1



Cousin Time!

Hanging with the cousins on Labor Day weekend. Life is good.

2017-09-02 16.05.52

2017-09-02 16.05.50


Life in August

2017-08-19 08.13.25

2017-08-18 14.26.53

2017-08-18 13.39.27

2017-08-17 12.41.21

2017-08-16 17.03.30

2017-08-16 17.17.46

2017-08-17 11.46.39

Back to School

This year Dayla is entering 4th grade with Mrs. Ensberg
Sebastian is entering Kindergarten with Mrs. Whitacre and Mrs. Keeton

First Day of School Photos:

21034244_10155649636717938_4270171149385599090_n 20993087_10155649636712938_8931264646110857649_n 21034151_10155649636722938_6104459311609718413_n

2017-08-22 08.17.54



A fun Pop Art Portrait Dayla did of herself for back to school night:

2017-08-31 18.13.54

Northern California Cousins Visit

We don’t get much time with the Northern Californian cousins and it always makes me a little sad, but I know that is life.

BUT…Suzanne’s family came to visit Southern California and we got to spend and few hours with them!! Seeing all the cousins get along…that makes me so so so happy! It was a short but SWEET time.

(I didn’t get pictures of the girls because they were off booggie boarding in the waves!)

2017-08-17 16.30.09

2017-08-17 16.29.40

2017-08-17 16.29.35 HDR

Work Trip

Every year Daniel has to take a work trip for about 10 days in August.  Every year it makes me:

1. Glad he doesn’t have to travel all the time for work

2. Glad to be married


This year I did something I have never done before.  I decided to take Grandma and Daddy’s approach they take when I am gone which is this: “Be so busy and have so much fun we barely notice you are missing”

I am not someone who likes to be busy…but I think this was by far the best year yet. The strategy totally worked.  The kids had a blast (which means less meltdowns which means less time-outs which means a less tired mom!) and since I scheduled in 3 overnights for them…I got some adult time and even some alone time (win-win!).  It was amazing.   Here are the highlights from our time…

2017-08-05 17.26.37

2017-08-05 18.32.14

2017-08-16 17.03.30

2017-08-16 17.17.46

2017-08-09 16.27.32

2017-08-09 16.30.23

2017-08-07 16.36.14

2017-08-07 17.12.41

2017-08-07 17.17.52

2017-08-08 16.23.05

2017-08-09 15.15.55

2017-08-09 15.13.31

2017-08-09 17.19.40

August’s Point of View

Many many times August will steal my phone and walk around taking pictures. He laughs the whole time he does it, so I just let him add 805 new pictures to my phone and delete them later.

This last time I have to say I really enjoyed seeing his point of view on life. Come take a peak into August’s world….

2017-07-20 07.55.10

2017-07-20 07.53.51-1

2017-07-20 07.53.57

2017-07-20 07.54.03

2017-07-20 07.54.08



Dorothy is an amazing neighbor friend to have around and I love summers when she is off work and we get to hang out!!

A couple days ago she taught the boys what burpees were and how to do a cartwheel. Today she taught August to catch a baseball….I love it!

This post is for you Dorothy! Thanks for teaching my boys all the cool stuff!

2017-07-26 17.28.00

2017-07-26 17.27.52

August and Clara

I just love this picture so much.

2017-07-20 10.57.28