Children’s Art Exhibit in Balboa Park

Two years ago Dayla had the extreme honor of being submitted (chosen by her teacher to be the one entry for her grade level) and then CHOSEN (by a panel of judges who work for the San Diego Museum of Art) to have her art exhibited in an real art museum in Balboa Park. So you can imagine our surprise when it happened AGAIN this year!

This year Dayla’s art teacher submitted a collaborative project this year to represent the 3rd grade class submission. Of all the 6 grades from Garden Road that were submitted this year, the 3rd grade submission was the only one that won! We were all so excited!

Daniel and Dayla took a date night to go the the “Artist’s Reception”. The theme for the Children’s Art Exhibition this year is “Beyond the Ordinary”. Dayla’s contribution is the cupcake on the bottom right with the purple background. All the cupcakes were made using a tearing technique and magazine photos.

2017-04-13 20.16.41

What an amazing honor to have your art in a museum! We are so proud of our artist!

2017-04-13 21.14.02

Boys Camp-out

A few years ago Daniel and his guy friends were challenged by the idea of making sure their kids are influenced by other Godly men besides their own dads. They came up with the idea of having a Father-Son camp-out once a year.

This year was the first year that the boys were all old enough to make it happen and we are excited to report that it was a huge success! There was bike riding, fishing, hiking, a dance party at night, and lots of boy time. :)

2017-04-07 17.03.18-1

2017-04-07 17.54.10

2017-04-07 18.10.18-1

2017-04-07 20.00.24

2017-04-08 09.53.16

2017-04-08 10.08.58
























This little guy is a monster on the scooter.  He is all courage and no fear.  Yet, what I love about him is that he is also all smiles and all snuggles and all sweet.  Sometimes when I put him down for nap he will reach up his arms, give me the biggest hug around my neck and say, “I want to keep you forever.”

I can’t imagine life without our littlest man and thank God for him every day.

Little Boy Legs

First Snow

After our couples trip over the weekend, we snagged the kids from Grandma and Papa’s house and headed up to our friend’s cabin in Big Bear.  The last time we were in the snow, Dayla was about 2.5 years old.  So the boys were excited to experience snow for the first time!  Dreams of snowmen and snowball fights!


We did have some snowball fights, built a snowman, lots of puzzle and game time, fun with retro rollerskates we found in the cabin, and visited the local zoo. There was cold moments and tear-filled moments….but there were also a lot of smiles and memories.


2017-02-20 17.49.45

2017-02-21 09.57.59


2017-02-21 10.02.36

2017-02-21 11.06.58
2017-02-21 11.38.03 HDR

2017-02-21 11.38.59
2017-02-21 11.50.24
2017-02-21 13.19.54
2017-02-21 14.57.59


Couples Trip To Temecula

We met 13 years ago at a Young Married’s Bible Study.  Still friends.  Amazingly we  found a way to leave our collective 16 kids with family members so that we could sneak away together.  A weekend of studying God’s word and encouraging one another in marriage…a blessing and a joy!


2017-02-18 10.33.40 2017-02-18 10.34.01 2017-02-18 10.35.27 2017-02-18 13.13.21 2017-02-18 13.42.07 2017-02-18 16.25.17 2017-02-18 16.29.40 2017-02-18 16.30.20 2017-02-18 16.30.47 2017-02-18 16.31.20 2017-02-18 16.31.49 2017-02-18 16.27.50

Packing List

We’re going on vacation and I asked August what’s most important to pack. BLUE POWER RANGER MASK! Anything else? NO!

Hardware Store

Whenever it’s just me and the boys hanging out we find any excuse to go the hardware store. You can see that neither of their feet are touching the ground.

2017-02-12 17.26.47

Sebastian is holding our shopping list. Metal, Wood, Screws.


Dayla finished her first production, Aladdin. It was a great experience. Catherine and her team are an answered prayer. At every reherseal they are teaching kids singing, dancing and acting skills (and confidence!) Not only does every kid has lines, every kid is in EVERY song. There is only one production to go to (which is FREE for family and friends!) and they nurture a love for theater through pushing FUN harder than they push anything else.

I can’t say enough good things about Mini Theatre Troupe. And Dayla was SO great in the show! Proud mom and dad over here!












When our neighbors the Carlson’s moved in two years ago, I remember their daughter Adalee asking herself over to dinner at our house pretty much at first meeting. Her mom graciously moved the conversation elsewhere, but I remember thinking to myself, “One day, but we just aren’t there yet.”

This summer marked that day.

This last summer Dorothy gave birth to their 3rd child Charlotte and in taking time off from work and the craziness of three kids, we have just seen their kids a lot more….which means a lot more coming over to play…which led to a lot more “I watch your kids this day, can you watch mine that day” scenarios….which lead to dinners.

I recognize what a gift and a blessing this is. As I set the table tonight for 5 little kids, I smiled. I know one day there won’t be any plastic colorful dishes, or paper plates, and there might not even be neighbors that come over for dinner. I am so thankful for this moment, this part of the phase we are in, so I snapped a quick picture to document this blessing and this sweet time in our lives.